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At the JULY 17th DISTRICT 19C PICNIC & BANNER PASSING Joel (at left with immediate Past District Governor Donna Murr) was recognized as the 19C District Lion of the Year. First he won the Zone C6 Lion of the year, then the six Zone winners were evaluated, and he was selected as the winner of 19C. Our club won first place for the Newsletter and Brochure, and first place for the Scrapbook (thank you Judy Ann and Carol); second place for the Sunrise website.
Think of Banner Passing as passing the baton from the old team to the new team. We started with a memorial service for members who passed in the last two years (remember, we didn’t have a Banner Passing last year), then passed out awards for the items above (yes, Sunrise did well), and District Governors spoke and passed out personal awards. Two hours well spent. Plan to attend next year.

We said goodbye to last year’s officers and welcomed the new crew. (Jul 2021-Jun 2022) – see everyone on the About webpage.. Great meal, introduced new members, silent auction, and great fellowhip. Pictured here: King Lion Dave pinning President’s pin on new King Lion Kathy Cross Reece. BELOW: Dave waxing eloquent, Elijah helping Dave, and our newest members: Juanita Johnston, Darrell McVea, Maria Diaz and Anna Bazil. On left: Dennis Reed leading induction. CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE pictures on our Facebook page.

ADOPT-a-ROAD CLEAN UP JUN 19, Sat 9–10am along Carpenter Road from Pacific Ave to Roolan Care Center. Perfect weather. We were small in numbers but mighty in results. From left: Joel, John, Judy Ann, Lyell, Bill
Volunteer Criteria: Able to stroll along at a leisurely pace, visiting with others. How far you walk is up to you. Use mechanical grabbers to pick up trash and place in trash bag. Also, you can just show up. We try to get out quarterly, or as necessary.
POC: John Christiansen jlc4glf at

Flags went up May 1st and came down July 10th.
Flag route captains and the local AUSA chapter, the 1-2 Striker “Ghost” Brigade, Thunder Battalion artillery. Made some new friends and shared in supporing our community Started about 9am and finished about 11am.

Lacey Sunrise Lions
7th Annual Charity Golf Tournament
Sunday May 16, 2021
THANK YOU to all of the golfers, volunteers, sponsors, donators (auction items and money), Fire Creek restaurant staff, Capital City GC staff. It was a massive team effort with everyone pitching in 100%–and it worked amazingly well. So congratulations.

Apr 30-May 1 Fri & Sat at the GROCERY OUTLET
(corner of Marvin Road and Martin Way). PHOTO: From left Dorothy & Dennis Reed and Cliff Brandsma seated.
It’s about raising awareness, meeting people in the community, and helping those in need. Might not seem like much, sitting at a table talking to folks, but it matters more than you think.

Like any yard work, there were chores for everyone to do, regardless of ability or disability. Roberta had the coffee on.

We usually install ramps after the Thursday morning club meetings, but then the snow warning came. So the crew assembled on Wed, Feb 10th in 32 degree weather and built the 24 ft ramp for Marion (91 yrs old) and Maxine (88 yrs old) Smith. Maxine tested the ramp and easily walked up and down the incline, giving us her seal of approval.