Sunday May 16, 2021 Lacey Sunrise Lions
7th Annual Charity Golf Tournament
The tournament is our best fundraiser and planning starts early. The tournament raises funds for Project New Hope–help for veterans suffering from PTSD, and Mary Bridge Cancer Fund for Children’s Families, among others.
we have only a few slots open still.
In case someone drops out, email LionJoelGraves@gmail.com to get on the waiting list.

Started March 4th :: Breakfast every Thursday
(some folks arriving at 7am —College & Martin Way), per state guidelines. Denny’s opens at 6am now.
CONTINUING ZOOM 7:30. Each person decides if it is something they want to do. But get your shots and join the Denny’s group when you can. NON MEMBERS: Contact the Secretary for the zoom meeting link LionJoelGraves at gmail.com.

APR 15, Thurs 9 to 1130ish Third Thurs after club meeting. Thurston County Foodbank Warehouse (2260 Mottman Rd). Typically, we take bulk food and repackage into smaller portions. POC: Lyell Clark (March group in photo) Photo from March 18th.

Apr 30-May 1 Fri & Sat 9 to 5pm–only two days at the Lacey Grocery Outlet (on Marvin Road). Two hour shifts, starting at 9am. Contact Roberta for your preference day and time slot. rrpinson at comcast.net. With these funds, we help visually-impaired children and adults in the Pacific Northwest.

May 1st, 8:30am @ Lacey City Hall
we will all gather :: Flag Captains, 1-2 Striker Brigade Command Team, The Boy Scouts, Councilman Lenny Greenstein — coffee and donuts. talk about what we are doing, and then go out and put up the flags. Volunteer to help. There are three jobs: Drive, Carry Flags, Install Flags. Do what you are able. Contact Pat to get on a team Pat.Bucknell@gmail.com

MAY 25 Tues 10am to noon repacking food into smaller portions.(formerly Homeless Backpack program) POC: Berta Fender. Mission Statement: To end the cycle of homelessness one student at a time. To volunteer, contact Berta rlfender at comcast.net

JUN 19, Sat 9-9:45am along Carpenter Road from Pacific Ave to Roolan Care Center. Rain fell but cleared up by the time we started. As we walked along, the sun even shined, briefly.
From left: Paul, Lyell, Laurel, Judy Ann, John, Randy, Frankie, Gil. POC: John Christiansen

June 25-29 This year, the annual 103rd Lions Club International (LCI) Montreal, Canada convention will be virtual. So for all of you who would like to attend (I attended when it was in Seattle), click here for the details: LCI LINK

We usually install ramps after the Thursday morning club meetings, but then the snow warning came. So the crew assembled on Wed, Feb 10th in 32 degree weather and built the 24 ft ramp for Marion (91 yrs old) and Maxine (88 yrs old) Smith. Maxine tested the ramp and easily walked up and down the incline, giving us her seal of approval.

SUNRISE BALL CAP This has evolved into an ongoing fundraiser, because people need hats at all times of the year. It’s easy to order a high quality hat: Click on this link to choose a color, then email the Secretary LionJoelGraves at gmail.com with your color choices and quantities. Go to our Payments webpage for payment options:
Mail a Check, Credit Card via Paypal, or see the Billpay set up instructions. $20 per hat.

JOIN US. If you would like to join Lacey Sunrise Lions and be involved with like-minded people serving your community, click on the Payments/Join link above.

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