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FALL APPLE SALES THANK YOU ALL for participating in the fundraiser. We sold 87 boxes, raising $870 for the club.

BOB KELLEY (April 28, 1928 – Sept 22, 2020)
Bob was an icon in Lionism. He was the perfect example of service to the community and his fellow man. He will be remembered as a friend to all and a mentor to most who had the privilege of knowing him. In Lions, he chaired many projects and was a contributor to every project undertaken by the club. His service extended to other clubs also. Always willing to offer assistance and guidance  in any situation, he was an enthusiastic participant whenever he was called on. He was famous for his guidance of the Wheelchair Ramp Projects and completed hundreds of ramps for families in need. Even though the last few years he was limited in his physical ability, he was more than happy to add his expertise and guidance to every project, from doing the preliminary assessment of the site, drawing up the plans, ordering the materials, and supervising the construction. He was a pleasure to work with. I remember so many times when families who received ramps, with tears in their eyes, shaking Bob’s hand and thanking him for freeing them from their homes. I remember one young lady who informed her elderly grandfather, sitting in a chair with a blanket over his lap, waiting to test drive the ramp, that a 90-year-old man had just built it for him. Like all the rest he was amazed. Bob was so well known for his ramp work that he, and the program, were profiled on KING 5 news. Bob also oversaw construction of chair risers that were of great assistance to many, many people as well as installing grab bars and other devices in homes for people that needed them. He also chaired the Lions Student Exchange Program for many years as well as helping the Peace Poster Program.  There are many, many more programs that he worked on. He was a mentor and a model to me and I will miss him greatly. Randy Harris

Congratulations to our Kathy Cross Reece (Sunrise 1st Vice President) for earning and receiving the MD19C C6 Zone Lion of the Year. They recognized her giving spirit, dedication, faithfulness, and great energy to serve her community and our club.

From 9am to noon on Oct 27th, Laurel Strong and Joel Graves went out with Nisqually Land Trust’s land south of Yelm to plant short seedling trees in the flood plain (sandy mostly dry soil) alongside the Nisqually River. 12 people of all ages attended. In a nutshell, we were restoring habitat and helping to prevent future erosion. In three hours, we planted 214 trees of all kinds: Western White Pine, Shore Pine, Oregon Grape, Snow Berry, Nootka Rose, Bald Hip Rose, Ocean Spray, Mock Orange, Big Leaf Maple, Douglas Fir. The plants are in pots and pre-positioned, so we just dig a hole and plant them right there. Easy. Fun. Necessary. Self-paced. Contact Joel if you would like to participate:

Sunrise Lions and Rotary Foodbank Collection Drive On October 24th
Photo from left: Capital Centennial Rotary President Amel Aouam, South Puget Sound Rotary President Mike Peters, Tumwater Rotary President, Dan Smith, Lacey Sunrise Lions First Vice President (i.e. President-Elect) Kathy Cross Reece, and Tumwater President-Elect, Denise Keegan.

BOB KELLEY WHEELCHAIR RAMP PROGRAM. Bob left us on September 22nd and is greatly missed. In response, Lacey Sunrise Lions renamed the project he championed in his honor. So on Saturday October 3rd, our intrepid crew descended upon the Batton home and installed a wheelchair ramp in the garage. Joan Batton is in the back, holding up Lions vests that her parents wore, as long time members of the Odell Oregon Lions Club. FROM LEFT: Lyell Clark, Pat Bucknell, Mike Ragan, Dave Azeltine, Randy Harris, John Kubena, Joan Batton, Dave Noble, Laurel Strong. Ilias Murr was there at the beginning of the project before this photo was taken and Kathy Cross Reese came by.

FIRST RESPONDERS DAY On September 11th at Fire District 3 Headquarters, Lacey Sunrise Lions, along with Mid-Day Lions and Lamplighter Lions, presented Chief Brooks with the Governor’s Proclamation and a cake. In the photo from left: Joel Graves and KL Dave Noble from Sunrise Lions, Chief Brooks, Dick Platner from Lamplighters, and Pat Baron from Mid-Day. PROCLAMATION “Today we remember those we lost on 9/11, and we honor the first responders who risked their lives trying to save them. Their selflessness in the face of crisis represents the best of what it means to be an American,” Jay Inslee on Facebook.

Our hard working crew of bark spreaders are busy spreading 15 yards of the mulch over 3 newly planted flowering plum trees and 21 Golden Ticket ligustrum shrubs at the NW Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center.  King Lion Dave Noble showed tremendous muscle and endurance along with Lyell Clark and LERC Director Tim Johnson from Olympia West.  Assisting with spreading, shoveling and hauling are Laurel Strong-Olson, Anna Brazil and her daughter Elizabeth (6 yrs old), Roberta Pinson and Pat Baron from Lacey Mid Day.  Founder Dr. Bob Pinson stood by with water, ice and encouragement. Last Saturday (8 Aug) our crew planted the trees and shrubs.  This is a final project to complete  requirements by the county so we can call for a final inspection of our new warehouse.  We had to landscape the west side of the warehouse due to a county requirement because D.R. Horton  is building 620 homes plus an apartment complex immediately adjacent to our west property line. A really big THANK YOU to all our wonderful volunteers, PZC Roberta Pinson Co-founder of the NWLERC

Kathy distributing PPE.

Amid the Covid-19 crisis, we found a club volunteer opportunity, supporting efforts to combat hunger in Thurston County. On this day, Thursday July 16th, we repackaged bulk dry noodles into one-pound plastic bags. Judy Ann, Kathy, Laurel and Marion worked together and made a great team for almost two hours.

June 27th 9am Adopt-a-Road @ Carpenter Road clean-up from Carpenter and Pacific intersection to RooLan care center corner. Group effort for one hour. Generally, we pick up along the road once per quarter. From left: Laurel, Judy Ann, John Christiansen, Frankie, Peggy, Tom, Lyell, Joel