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In the Write A Note section, please be sure to list the reason for the payment.

GOLFERS we are fulll up as of 24 August. Next year, our charity tournament will be in May again and we hope to see you there under “normal” conditions. Hopefully.

Write dues if that is what you are paying for.
SIX MONTHS Dues $43–$33 for additional family member.
ONE YEAR Dues $86–$66 for additional family member.

PROBLEMS? If you have any problems with this payment system, please email

About ten years ago or so, we started paying our bills online, through the Bank of America online billpay program at their website. No more checks, no envelopes, no stamps, no late or missed payments. I set up the payments (amount and date to go out) and forget about it.

If you bank online like this, you can pay your Lions dues the same way. Here is what I did:
1. Add Lacey Sunrise Lions as a PERSON.
2. Use our address: P.O. Box 3629, Lacey, WA, 98509-3629.
3. I used Treasurer Pat Bucknell’s phone number 360-456-1525 and then
4. Press ADD .
Simple. When you pay your dues online, LSL will receive a paper check at the mailbox.

Joel Graves


NEW MEMBER WAIVER FEE. From October until the end of December,
new members do not pay a fee. You can, essentially, join for free.
So what are you waiting for?

Email the following information to

Full Name, Address, Hm Phone, Cell Phone, Email.

or mail to: P.O. BOX 3629, LACEY, WA, 98509-3629

Send check for $76 ($43 dues for six months/$35 processing fee)
to the address above,
or pay with a credit card at Paypal,
or follow the Billpay directions above.