On July 2nd, 7:30 am, Dr. Carolyn “Carrie” La Jeunesse (an expert in infectious diseases) was our first guest speaker of the new fiscal year. Click here to learn more.

On 5 March Kevin Davenport–Sunrise member–and Lacey Fire District3 firefighter spoke about their many programs, which Sunrise also supports. Mainly, at Thanksgiving and Christmas many organizations come together with LFD3 to help families in need with food and presents. Especially the homeless. They usually help approximately 25 families at Thanksgiving, 50 families at Christmas, and 180 kids. This year the program will take place on Fri-Sat 12-13 December.

On 27 February David Hutchinson [Pierce County Sheriff’s Department Crime Analysis Division] spoke about Internet and personal security. Here are some highlights: 1. If someone calls and says, “Can you hear me, okay?” do not answer. The scammer uses your “Yes” to get permission to charge you for other things. 2. Go to DoNotCall.gov regularly to resubmit your phone number. 3. Do not play games on Facebook, because the scammers are piecing together your personal information. 4. Go to HaveIBeenPwned.com to see if your personal data has already been compromised.