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THE LIONS MOTTO :: We Serve. Imagine a group of like-minded neighbors helping veterans suffering from PTSD; providing used eye glasses to children and people in need all around the world; putting on day camps for kids with diabetes; raising up American flags all around Lacey for the holidays; building wheel chair ramps for people in need, and many more projects (see Links & Programs). The whole motto is To serve the community and those less fortunate than ourselves.

JOIN US FOR ZOOM. Lacey Sunrise Lions is used to meeting over breakfast, but our beloved Hawks Prairie Restaurant was demolished and then the virus hit, so we had to abandon Panorama’s restaurant. If you are a member and would like to attend the Thursday morning meeting–7:30-8:30–contact the club secretary for the link (Joel :: LionJoelGraves@gmail.com).

A BRIEF HISTORY In November 11, 1975, Olympia Host sponsored the formation of Lacey Sunrise Lions. Interestingly, when the club started, it met for breakfast at Panorama’s restaurant. When they started, they raised funds by selling Christmas trees, a pancake breakfast, and oyster shell candle sales. They provided a community health fair, held CPR classes, vision screening at schools, the used eye glass program, mobile hearing screening, assistance to Boy Scout Troop 210, White Cane days for the vision impaired, and the Lion’s Youth Exchange Program.

MAIL P.O. BOX 3629, LACEY, WA, 98509-3629
For website issues, please email LionJoelGraves@gmail.com.

JOIN US. If you would like to join Lacey Sunrise Lions
and be involved with like-minded people serving your community,
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1 July 2020 thru 30 June 2021

Dave Noble
KIng Lion & President
david at greatlifeplanning.com
Kathy Cross Reece
1st Vice President
kathy at kathycross.com
Peggy Rogers
2nd Vice President
twovettes at comcast.net
Joel Graves
LionJoelGraves at gmail.com
Pat Bucknell
Pat.Bucknell at gmail.com
Jim Perrou
Membership Director
rphjperrou at comcast.net
Carol O’Rourke
Tail Twister
Tom Mitchell
Past President
John Kubena
1st Year Director
1st Year Director
Gail Slosson
Linda Bucknell
2nd Year Director
Frankie Sokso
2nd Year Director
Gil White
Lion Tamer
Linda White
LCIF Coordinator
3rd Vice President
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1 July 2020 thru 30 June 2021

Donna Murr :: District Governor
donnamurr59 at gmail.com

Sharon Sikes :: Leadership (GLTC)
& Election Committee Chair
leadership at md19clions.org

Pat Bucknell :: Zone 6 Chair
Pat.Bucknell at gmail.com

Gail Slosson :: Treasurer
treasurer at md19clions.org

Chris Miller :: Cabinet Secretary
millercm3 at comcast.net

Joel Graves :: Project New Hope
LionJoelGraves at gmail.com

Charles “Marty” Ikari :: Webmaster
webmaster at md19clions.org

Lyell Clark :: Hunger Committee
lyellc at comcast.net